Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Custom T-shirt designer and design

Magicalview (www.magicalview.com) offers a line of customized designs for woman, men and children.

These designs are created by artist Cheryl Paolini specifically for Magicalview and show a sophistication and quality not found anywhere else. The designs reflect a combination of art and design along with fun and fashionable designs for children.

The apparel line offers a variety of garments and each manufacturer has a track record for quality and durability. Magicalview offers direct to garment printing which is environmentally friendly and because of this new technology can print millions of colors which far surpass the antiquated method of silk screening.

So express yourself with a combination of our designs or upload your own design or photograph. Our T-SHIRT DESIGNER allows you to be an artist and create your unique style. It is easy pick a t-shirt, pick a design and add text on front or back. Then place the order and in a few days you will receive the garment(s).

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